sa franquesa nova | majorca

"Absolutely professional and huge passion for good work.

It has been a wonderful experience to find a company like alma Tourism Consulting. Two people working with people, direct contact mainly with Ana, a lot of understanding, high adaptability, solution-oriented working. Their knowledge and experience in the tourism industry reflect in their know-how constantly. Availability for all kinds of projects, however small they are, always with an optimal and positive attitude. Hanna and Ana handle every request with seriousness and keep the same level of efficiency in every process and in case of changes, from the beginning to the end. Without a doubt a huge discovery, they are irreplaceable. alma Tourism Consulting absolutely deserves our full recommendation!"

Aina Abraham Adrover

Hotel Director

son cosmet | majorca

"Ana and Hanna always support me in a professional way. 

I strongly recommend alma Tourism Consulting. Ana has facilitated my work significantly by advising me about how to work on my weaknesses and how to profit more from my strengths. Now that I know about the services provided by alma Tourism Consulting, I don't have to think about who to get in touch with when I need support anymore."

Apolonia Barceló

Hotel Director


"Good, reliable and engaged partners.

I appreciate the personal commitment and the dedication of alma Tourism Consulting. With their help I wanted to create a new website for my hotel and reduce the dependency on booking.com by generating more direct bookings. With Ana and Hanna I reached this goal and I couldn't have hoped for a better cooperation. I highly recommend alma Tourism Consulting!"

Miguel Pizá Colom

Hotel Manager


"alma Tourism Consulting in a few words? Quality and efficiency in delivering solutions.

I highly appreciate their effectiveness and the way they treat me as a client, which are essential in this business. Of course I recommend the services of alma Tourism Consulting to other hoteliers."

Jaime Suarez

Hotel Manager

PLETA DE MAr luxury hotel | majorca

"Every task we assigned to alma Tourism Consulting and every recommendation they gave us have been outstanding.

A young company that is very mature with regard to its performance and services provided. The team's highly professional attitude and their enthusiasm to make things as perfect as can be make this company to a reliable partner for every request you might have. I highly appreciate their quick and reliable feedback and their willingness to fight for my goals with me. If I would recommend their services to other hoteliers? Absolutely. "

 Alain Torrecilla Tous

Hotel  Manager

boutique hotel san roque | tenerifE

"Without hesitation, I recommend alma Tourism Consul-ting - I have already done so. 

Fast delivery of services, clear offers and results as well as a perfect price-quality balance, that's alma Tourism Consulting to me, complemented by the friendly and professional attitude of Ana and Hanna. Our contact has always been very positive: we needed a partner in Germany that can support us with everything in the field of tourism and alma Tourism Consulting has filled this gap in an excellent way. We will surely work together in the future!"

Dominique Carayon

Hotel Manager

fincahotel es llobets | maJorca

"We always felt taken seriously and perfectly supported.

The willingness to be open for new ideas, to listen and to translate the wishes of the customer into appropriate actions impressed us thoroughly during our collaboration.


If you are looking for an agency whose owners attend to each customer with empathy, passion, absolute know-how, social skills and motivation, alma Tourism Consulting is the best choice to make. You will not be disappointed! Our expectations have not only been fully met, but by far exceeded. We are very grateful."

Ralf-Michael Ziebold & Arne Petersen


welt-bietet.de | BERLIN

"We are truly impressed by the commitment and the results.

One can fully rely on Ana and Hanna as partners. They are thinking about each project in depth and give valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement, too. The result of our past collaboration has been a very positive experience for us. We started our collaboration with alma Tourism Consulting because they have hotels in their portfolio we are aiming to get in touch with. The first cooperation has been a kind of 'test balloon' and it has been a great success for both parties. We will thus definitely continue working with alma Tourism Consulting in the future."

Maria Hartwig & Georg Wolferstetter

Project Manager

hotel rural es trull de can palau | ibiza

"alma Tourism Consulting stands for good work.

We appreciate the professional attitude and the focus on the German market. We wouldn't want to change anything about our cooperation - we are 100% satisfied and recommend alma Tourism Consulting without hesitation."

Alberto Miquel Escandell

Hotel Manager


"Ana and Hanna make everything easier - my workload reduced significantly thanks to their work.

I have known Ana for many years from a former collaboration with an OTA. I remember well what I felt when we spoke over the phone for the first time: she gave me an immediate feeling of trust and safety.


For ten years, I have been working on my own, often without being sure if what I am doing is right. I was  led by my intuition, there have been, and still are, areas I don't fully comprehend. When Ana and Hanna contacted me in autumn 2016 to tell me all about their newly founded alma Tourism Consulting, for me, a new era began: an agency that supports small hoteliers like me, who can't afford to employ an expert for every department, with targeted services. They help me today to reach those goals that every hotelier dreams of when opening a hotel, and of which we then often don't know how exactly one can reach them because there is a certain lack of knowledge or resources.


Ana and Hanna are two women that really want to support their partners, that act with heart and soul, just like their company name 'alma' suggests which is the Spanish term for 'soul' - they couldn't have chosen a better one! Two women, that I enjoy having by my side during my working hours and with whom I feel comfortable sharing my days as a hotelier. I am very grateful for the work they accomplish for me and my hotel every day and hope that we can pursue this collaboration for many years."

Noelia Fernandez



"The most reliable and pleasant partner one could wish for, with a big heart for hotels and their wishes.

Ana and Hanna are a reliable and professional team: every email is answered quickly and detailed, everything is not only delivered at the time agreed upon but they are always trying to send it even before the deadline. Yet the quality never suffers. I highly apprecitate this."

Justyna Schwan

Editorial Manager